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Who We Are

Established in 2016 in Geraldton WA. Infinitum Technologies is an expanding entity providing innovative solutions in the fast-moving IT landscape. Since 2020 Infinitum has had office open in both Geraldton and Perth catering for even more efficient response times to our clients both remotely and on-site.


We are focussed on individual, cost effective solutions for businesses large and small, private and government. We are aware of the security requirements and obligations of modern industry and build safeguards into our solutions.


We run proven systems which allow us to provide complete project coverage and support in all areas through remote management, mobilisation and ground capabilities.


Our established Company infrastructure allows us to offer solutions for any size business, as a fully managed service, partial service or specifically integrated with in-house IT departments.


We pride ourselves on leading-edge industry engagement and professional development, ensuring we are offering the best use of latest industry developments.


We value our local communities and sponsor a number of organisations including Champion Bay SLSC, Towns FC, GD Badminton, MW Charity Begins at Home. To further facilitate these local connections we are partnered with GOPP and Rigters Rewards.


… to improve business through the power of technology and partnership


…to become a national leader in technology services for all.


Respect – Honesty – Teamwork – Reliability





Managed Services


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We have some exciting progression on our partnerships with key industry vendors.
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To enquire about any services, solutions or sales please reach out via the contact form below,
or if you’d prefer to speak to one of the team call +61 8 9943 8343.


For clients with a managed service please reach out via the Client Portal, or the methods included in your onboarding.